About Deferral.com

Deferral.com, a division of American Financial Systems (AFS), is a recognized leader in providing nonqualified executive benefit plan solutions to employers of all sizes.
We work with plan consultants and advisors to deliver highly effective programs for employers to recruit, retain, and reward their employees.
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About Deferral.com

Since our founding in 1984, we have been dedicated to the nonqualified benefit plan industry. We understand the critical role these plans play for both employers and employees alike and we do not lose sight of this fact.

It is this singular focus that has allowed us to develop best-in-class systems. From plan recordkeeping, to funding optimization, our in-house technology systems are unmatched in the industry.

Our real strength however, lies with our experienced staff of industry professionals. The knowledge and dedication our teams bring to the table ensure an unsurpassed experience for all involved in the development of a successful program.

Our History

Deferral.com's Timeline and Milestones

2001 - 2005


  • Launched Deferral.com website with both Administrator and Participant online access
  • Automated Mutual Fund daily share price download from Comstock


  • Online enrollment featured


  • Asset tracking database and reporting
  • Customizable Login screens and URL


  • Asset/Liability mapping, reporting and automated electronic asset orders
  • Public site updated with 409A information


  • Linked Deferral.com to COLI.com for policy consents and case management

2006 - 2010


  • Risk tolerance questionnaire, model portfolios and automated rebalancing
  • Automated daily earnings accruals and postings


  • Integrated distribution election change (“redeferral”) validation


  • Enhanced compatibility for hand-held devices


  • Automated transaction processing with integrated undo/redo

2011 - 2015


  • Asset/Liability mapping for multiple asset classes


  • Partnered with Morningstar for fund and stock share prices, dividends and performance history


  • Distribution projections for administrators, consultants and sponsors


  • Surplus funds and adjustable tolerances for asset/liability tracking


  • Automated logo upload for customizing reports

2016 - 2021


  • Distribution projections for participants


  • Online participant redeferral elections
  • Added report “favorites” list and user-defined report packages


  • New home page look and feel redesign


  • New Participant user interface
About AFS, Inc.

American Financial Systems, Inc. (AFS) was founded in 1984 by supplemental benefits professionals with extensive experience in the nation's leading financial institutions and financial services marketing organizations.

For over a decade, we have directed our expertise toward creating illustration, reprojection and administration software systems and services that support the design, funding and administration of nonqualified benefit plans for executives, business owners, and individuals throughout the world. For more information, visit us at www.afs-link.com.

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