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  Sunday April 21, 2019  
Your Plans Our Technology is dedicated to the administration of nonqualified deferred compensation plans and the communication of plan benefits. Built from the ground up by experienced supplemental benefit professionals, the site provides both a robust record-keeping platform for administrators and easily customized online tools for participants. (more)

Asset/Liability Mapping Features

Users of now have the ability to create real-time asset-liability comparisons and to automate asset rebalancing transactions to support a wide variety of plans.   (more)

May 25 2018   GDPR Update
American Financial Systems, Inc. and take seriously our obligations to protect the data that we store for the plans on our platform.  As a result of recent changes to data protection laws, in particular the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) effective May 25, 2018, we want to take this opportunity to reaffirm that commitment.   We have updated our website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement to provide additional information about how we collect and use data that is entrusted to our care.  We encourage all of the users of our website to review these documents (accessible at the bottom of this page), to become familiar with all of our privacy and data protection policies.  Furthermore, as the result of the compliance requirements with the European GDPR regulatory framework both major AFS transactional sites, and, will restrict access from locations outside of America, including the North, Central and South portions of the continent.
 Tips & Comments easily supports plan freezes and record keeping for 409A transition. Read more in Special Delivery.

Q. Are the funding concerns for nonqualified deferral plans similar to those for qualified plans?
A. There are major differences between assets housed within a qualified plan and the methods used to fund corporate liabilities under a nonqualified plan. In a qualified plan, such as a 401(k), contributions are invested in assets, and the investment returns (net of expenses) directly drive plan benefits. In a nonqualified deferral plan, compensation deferred by an executive simply is held for future payment, along with whatever form of earnings the plan document may define (whether by reference to a market security, fund, index or otherwise).  (more)
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