Asset/Liability Mapping, continued . . .

Up until now, administrators had to assemble data from separate systems and perform time consuming analysis in order to compare, report and realign asset and liability balances. Deferral.com’s flexible mapping tools automate this process, whether using securities, mutual funds or life insurance.

Although direct one-to-one mapping of participant liabilities to informal funding assets is available (for example, comparing cash value of a corporate owned life insurance policy to the insured executive’s plan benefit balance), Deferral.com offers much more flexibility. An administrator can track a wide variety of asset and liability mapping arrangements, making it easy to address funding requirements for uninsurable participants and creative plan funding solutions.

The system links electronically to participating data providers, such as insurers, allowing for automatic daily updates of policy values, rebalancing and other plan-related transactions. According to Megan Roschen, chief operating officer of Deferral.com, “These enhancements are a major step forward for one of our core themes – to provide a system that dramatically increases the efficiency of our plan administrator clients.”


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