About Deferral.com
Deferral.com, a member of the AFS group of companies, was founded in 2000 to carry out the mission of adapting nonqualified deferral plan design and administration to the application service provider (ASP) model. There are billions of dollars of assets under management in nonqualified deferral plans, and while the qualified deferral plan market has recently seen the launch of some successful online asset management sites, Deferral.com is positioned to be the first full-service online resource to serve the nonqualified deferral plan market. In order to build an effective online system for the design and administration of nonqualified deferral plans, it takes both technical expertise and intimate knowledge of the nonqualified deferral plan market.

We ensure the right synergy of technical excellence and industry focus by educating our technical staff about the design and administration of nonqualified deferral plans, and by educating our industry experts to be conversant in the latest web technologies. Having the best people behind the best online solution for nonqualified deferral plans provides plan participants, plan sponsors, and third-party administrators alike with an optimal solution for managing their nonqualified deferral plans.

About AFS, Inc.
American Financial Systems, Inc. (AFS) was founded in 1984 by supplemental benefits professionals with extensive experience in the nation's leading financial institutions and financial services marketing organizations. For over a decade, we have directed our expertise toward creating illustration, reprojection and administration software systems and services that support the design, funding and administration of nonqualified benefit plans for executives, business owners, and individuals throughout the world.

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