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Administer your plans with our technology - anytime, anywhere.
You want to provide web-based administration without risking capital on software development or surrendering control of your plans. Consider Deferral.com.

You have worked hard to earn the trust of your participants. You want to ensure that your technology provider helps you encourage and build on that trust. With Deferral.com, you get better tools and retain total control of your plans and participant communication. Log into your exclusive area of Deferral.com, administer your plans, and take charge of everything a participant sees. You can rollback, edit and redo any transaction that ever occurred on the system.

Itís no secret that software development is expensive and risky. Costs tend to grow. Schedules tend to stretch. Development failures can cost you time, money and your reputation. Administrators who take on software development soon discover that maintenance and upgrades are a never ending drain on their time and resources.

Let our software professionals do that work for you. Deferral.com takes the risk out of acquiring the technology you need. Your commitment is limited to an annual fee, you donít have any sunk costs in Deferral.com.

We continuously add the features and capacity you need. If your needs multiply overnight, we automatically scale up for you. If your needs scale down, so do your costs. You can extract and move your data anytime you want. We also take care of data security, disaster recovery and all those other chores that distract you from what you do best, administering plans and building relationships.

Our call center stands ready to help you and your participants with software issues. Any benefit questions are referred back to you so that you can provide the expertise on which your clients have come to rely.

Value Added Features
Employers like the design flexibility of non-qualified plans. However, this flexibility has made it difficult to administer unique, often radically different plan designs with traditional tools like spreadsheets and retrofitted 401(k) systems. Internet access adds another layer of complexity.

Deferral.com has been designed by experienced administrators to provide the flexibility todayís non-qualified plans require. For instance, you may create and work with an unlimited number of Plans, Accounts, Pay Types, Investment Options, and Vesting Schedules, with vesting, processing and reporting by class deferral year. Yes, you can readily override just about anything for those special individuals.

For you, plan administration becomes less of a chore when participants do much of the work themselves by initiating transfers, changing fund allocations, accessing balances and generating reports as often as they want. On-line enrollment, automatic share price updating and on-line plan documents are only a few of the value added features that will make you more efficient.

Available Now
Deferral.com is not another slide show and wish list. Without any substantial investment, you can have your plans up and running within a few weeks. Your participants will enjoy web access. Your technology problems will be solved.

If you want to see exactly how Deferral.com can work for you, contact us to have a personal demonstration beamed live to your desktop.

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