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Your plans, our technology


As a Third-Party Administrator, it may be more cost effective to contract with us to lease our nonqualified plan recordkeeping platform than it would be to build and maintain one on your own.  Let our software professionals do that work for you.  Deferral.com takes the risk out of building or acquiring the technology you need.


Deferral.com is a proprietary system built specifically to address the complex requirements of your customized nonqualified deferred compensation plans.   It is a robust platform designed to support a wide array of plan design configurations and complex provisions.  


Additionally, our ongoing commitment to system enhancements levels the competitive playing field and gives you an advantage over your closest competitors.  


As a market-leading technology platform, Deferral.com is utilized by many of the industry’s

best providers as the foundation for their nonqualified plan service offering.







The information contained on this Site is general in nature and should not be considered legal, tax or investment advice. This information is provided for general educational purposes in connection with your use of our site and services. The facts of your particular situation, and developments in applicable laws, rules and regulations or the interpretation thereof, may affect the information as it pertains to you. You should consult with your attorney or tax advisor regarding your specific legal or tax situation and with your investment advisor regarding the risks and advisability of sponsoring or participating in a nonqualified plan.

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